Who we are

In ARO Mastering we have a totally acoustic conditioned room for all types of mix or mastering. We´ve analogic system such as digital UAD, waves slate Digital, among other things.

All the digitals adders and analogics have 64 bits of resolution for getting a clearer sound in all mix and masterizations


We are specializad in getting the best quality at the highest possible volume, with our job of mastering achieving the dynamics ant the quality of your prodution dotain and ideal acoustic design, especially in electronic music: Techno, Hard techno, House, Tech-house, EDM, Electro, Minimal, Deep, Progressive, Dance Pop, Trance, Hardcore, Breaks, Dubstep, Drum Bass, Rap, Hip Hop, etc.

Your music, your productions will have the warmth, brightress, balance, the depth and of course the comercial volume you were looking for.


Always ready to get the best result and thanks to our experience, we can advise our clients who wish it checking the mix and see if it´s completely ready for the process of mastering os advise changes which can be beneficial to get the desied sound.